Your First Novel!

Following the format of National Novel Writing Month, an intense blitz of novel writing during November, you’ll spend two weeks outlining your story, building your world, and prepping your characters. In the last four weeks, you’ll write toward your word count goals. I’ll help, with a new lecture every week on beginning beginnings, muddling through middles, sticking the ending, and revising when they’ve finished. Your goal? Get to the end.
(Optional: I’ll read your final manuscript and give you feedback.)

Classes will take place using Google Hangouts and classwork will be uploaded to a shared Google Drive folder visible only to students and their classmates. The class will be divided between lecture and exercise. The class is capped at 9 students.

Class Requirements: You must want to write a novel! You don’t need to have written anything before. You must also be able to use Google Drive and Google Hangouts on a computer. (Note: You don’t need a web camera, although they’re useful, but you do need a working microphone, a Gmail account, the internet, and some speakers so you can hear us.)

Step 1: Apply here.

If someone other than you will be paying your class tuition, please let them know now, not when tuition is due.

A limited pool of financial assistance is available to applicants who cannot otherwise participate in the classes. See the Financial Aid page for more details.

Step 2: Submit Your Writing Sample

Submit a ten-page writing sample as an attachment (RTF or MS Word) using standard manuscript format to Please title the email “Novel Application.”

Step 3: Pay Tuition Fees ($515)

After you’ve been notified of your acceptance, pay via PayPal here.
(Note: If you’ve studied with Cherae before, you’re eligible for a 20% discount!)

Next Class Offering:

October 22, 2019 – November 26, 2019 (Tuesdays @ 7 PM EST)

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